The Situation

Laura Baker Services Association (LBSA) is a longtime, respected provider of housing and innovative support services for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

The Communications Challenge

Largely dependent for funding on stagnant Medicaid reimbursement rates, and amid a shifting legal framework for community-based service providers, LBSA recognized the need to educate and inspire community members to connect with LBSA clients and become their advocates.


Neuger Communications Group helped LBSA frame the purposes of a thought-leader blog and helped name it. In Community was launched in mid-2015. Blog posts are primarily conceived and written by LBSA’s executive director, Sandra Gerdes, and are published on the LBSA website and LinkedIn. Neuger Communications Group provides editing and advice for issues like optimizing for SEO, making content scannable to suit online readers’ preferences, and being intentional about incorporating calls to action. Blog posts often steer users to an advocacy feature that allows users to easily send messages to their elected officials.


In Community has helped position LBSA and Sandra Gerdes as thought leaders at the forefront of a movement locally and nationally to rally people to support those with disabilities. On LinkedIn, the blog has more than 450 followers across the nation. Community support for LBSA is growing; attendance at its signature fundraising event was sold out in 2016 and the dollars raised exceeded all previous records. The blog has been instrumental in propelling LBSA’s advocacy efforts, helping to engage 8,000+ advocates by the end of 2016. The important conversations have just begun, but these advocates have been inspired and empowered to sign petitions, contact legislators, share blog and social media content, and take other measurable steps to support people with special needs.